Plaintiff was a homeowner in Lake Tahoe who claimed that a fire burned his house to the ground and filed a claim for policy benefits with his homeowner’s insurer. In support of his claims for policy benefits, Plaintiff claimed that expensive hardwood floors and a sound system were destroyed in the fire. The defendant insurance carrier investigated the claim and determined that Plaintiff lied about the property destroyed in the fire, and as a result denied his claim for further insurance benefits. Represented by no less than 3 experienced attorneys, the case went to trial for a month in Los Angeles. John and Jason joined forces with a preeminent legal firm in San Francisco, and the key piece of disputed evidence (a faxed “contents list” to the defendant insurance carrier) was conclusively resolved in the defendant insurance carrier’s favor by Jason during the discovery phase of the lawsuit. From a multi-million dollar demand to a distrustful jury in an emotionally charged case, a defense verdict was successfully obtained.